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Fully comprehensive family mediator, dealing with all matters pertaining to separation, divorce and family disputes. Offices in both Surrey and Vancouver, with meeting room and boardrooms to facilitate multi-party disputes.

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Kevin Moye - Mediator, Facilitator & Family Enterprise Advisor

Mediator, Facilitator & Family Enterprise Advisor

Kevin D. Moye

My primary focus in mediation is to provide disputants with timely, cost effective solutions that are reached through consensus and are maintainable. 


Mediation is widely used today as the preferred method to resolve issues relating to civil, family & workplace disputes.


A large part of our practice is in the area of Separation & Divorce relating to children, support issues & property matters.


We can help with a broad range of disputes when it relates to family matters including family conflicts, wills, property, etc


Facilitation is a process whereby a facilitator assists in the efficient running of meetings, conferences & discussions.